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Our art depots are located in Vienna and since the end of 2011 we have additional art depots just outside the capital.

We have built depots for your art. Whether for small, large and still growing collections of museums or individual pieces: we have the right solution. An area of our art depot will be customized for you and your art as your individualized art depot.

Our art depot offers perfect opportunities for the optimal storage of works of art, be it deposit boxes for unique items or private berths for entire collections – secured around the clock, at all times perfectly and precisely climate and temperature-controlled as well as individually managed and serviced. On request a levy and tax-exempt customs warehouse can be provided. Moreover two showrooms offer the perfect environment for art lovers, art collectors and art dealers.


We ensure the safe storage of individual objects or smaller collections. The objects are identified and provided with barcode labels. Our warehouse manager scans each item into our secure inventory system, tracks and knows with a single click, since when and where, which object is stored.

In addition, we offer a customs warehouse for works of art within the EU - levy and tax - exempt.

A wide range of additional services complements our portfolio for optimum storage and the best possible transport of your art objects.

  • ascertainment and creation of inventories
  • digitization
  • creation of log reports detailing their condition
  • packaging
  • transportation
  • monitoring of loans

Both our art depot in Himberg and the vie:artport are a solid windowless constructions that meet the highest standard of fire protection and security equipment. Additionally they are directly connected to the police and fire brigade and are equipped with 24/365 CCTV surveillance.

Both art depots are “green depots”, built according to the latest standard of passive buildings, climate-controlled by geothermal energy without use of fossil fuels, no gas, no oil, no CO2 emissions. They are unique in Austria, operated extremely economically and sustainable in regard to environmental standards.

Our vie:artport is certified to the highest GRASP standard (Global Risk Assessment Platform)

This standardized risk assessment of art depots and museums was introduced to be able to uniformly evaluate storage spaces and exhibition rooms, including all the accompanying processes and obligatory regulations. On this platform a summary page is set up for each art institution, where individual risk / safety factors are assessed and rated - based on objective criteria.


Himberg, 2325 Himberg

Since spring 2011, our art depot in Himberg has served the Wien Museum as a new central depot. On the initiative of Kunsttrans - together with the Kunsthistorisches Museum - Austria's largest cluster on-site for the storage of museum collections has developed.

vie:artport, 1110 Wien

Art is unique, just as our environment. In both cases, sustainability is more than simply a word. In both cases negligence and neglect can put art at risk of irreversible damage and consequences, for generations to come. With the opening of its vie:artport in 2015 Kunsttrans set the current benchmark for sustainable art depots in Austria.

The depot is completely CO2 neutral in operation, air conditioned by geothermal energy and used exclusively for the storage of art objects. The only external source of energy is electricity - hydraulic energy - produced in Austria. It produces no CO2 emissions, fossil fuels are not used.

In the vie:artport temperature and humidity remain constant at all times, which is guaranteed by heat pumps, geoprobes at a depth of 130 m, the extremely sluggish construction and intelligent building technology.

Over 8000 m2 in our fully air-conditioned art depot offer virtually unlimited opportunities for works of art. There is storage space for individual pieces to private, discrete berths for entire collections.

Always secured, always perfectly and precisely climate and temperature-controlled as well as individually managed and serviced. Located in Vienna, 15 minutes from the city centre, 10 minutes from the airport.

In addition it provides the advantages of an open bonded customs warehouse for temporary storage.

Even art can and must be sustainable, in every respect.

Leberstraße, 1110 Wien

Here our passion for collecting and storing began. It is used for large projects and large - scale works of art.


The range of works of art and their insurance is as diverse as art itself and the people who love art. Our extensive network within the art world and our experienced support team take all this into consideration - individually and proactive.

Our cooperation with specialized art insurance brokers provides you with insurance coverage for any kind of art - at special and advantageous terms and conditions.

The experience of both the world's leading specialised insurance company concerning art and collectors' items and the Vie:artport offer unique terms and conditions of risk coverage. Whether for private collectors, corporations, museums, commercial galleries or auction houses, B & P provides coverage of any kind.

We assure that every work of art is optimally insured upon request! Therefore, we exclusively work together with selected and professionally competent insurance companies that are familiar with our high safety standards with regard to packaging, transport and storage.

Our insurance partners honour our commitment with particularly attractive terms and conditions, which we will gladly pass on to you – including maximum obligingness and quick, unbureaucratic handling of all insurance issues.