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Art-Handling, Architecture, Exhibition walls

The safe and professional installation and presentation of artworks is a completely autonomous and independent department within our company. We have all the right and important materials, the expertise and the experience to position each artwork so that it is perfectly enhanced and shown off to its best advantage.

Galleries, collectors, artists, individuals and museums make use of our services. Be it one-off events, an exhibition or work at your home or in your business - with us art is in safe and reliable hands.

Our motto is:  planned - built - installed- illuminated - presented


We offer you:

  • simple object installations
  • production of complex installations
  • construction of individual display cases and presentation objects
  • effective lighting options
  • staging of individual objects
  • complete spatial installations with art
  • mobile presentation walls
  • individually designed showrooms
  • Contact with restorers and expert appraisers - e.g. for condition reports and expertise

Our art handling team consists of specialists who are able to both stage an exhibition in a museum and design and arrange fair booths.

Exhibition architecture

Museom accompanies your exhibition project during all phases starting with the delivery of works of art.

Museom guarantees full commitment to your project - from the initial conceptual idea to the planning stage and all the way to the final implementation. We can draw on our long standing experience that we have gained during our years of working in the field of art fair and exhibition construction.

We design and construct exact production plans, draw up clear and realistic visualizations - including state – of – the - art sound and lighting technology. The coordination of trades such as carpentry work, locksmith work, fitting and laying work, painting work, truss structures, glass work and the construction of display cases is carried out entirely by museom.

The entire offer and additional information can be found on the homepage of museom.

Exhibition walls

In collaboration with our partner kub2 Kunsttrans are able to offer you a flexible, economic and resource-friendly and environmentally sustainable system of exhibitions walls for either sale or rent.

Due to their unique construction method kub2 exhibition walls can be assembled over and over again in varying dimensions, thus enabling a flexible design of exhibition spaces. On account of the simple assembly technology, the construction and dismantling of exhibitions with kub2 is fast and simple.

The long-lasting and sustainable reusability of the kub2 components will minimize the expenditure of both time and material and human resources during assembly. Thus kub2 resources are used economically, which not only has a beneficial effect on the environment by reducing the use of natural resources, but simultaneously reduces your exhibition budget.

Our motto is: reusable - flexible - expandable - mobile - freestanding - suspended

The entire offer and additional information can be found on the homepage of kub2