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Kunsttrans Group

A company that on the one hand is quintessentially Austrian and on the other hand has excellent connections and ties all over the world. For request please contact our Viennese office. Each office offers all possibilities of transport, crating and storage.

Kunsttrans Vienna

Responsible for Austria

Kunsttrans Vienna is the company's headquarters, Vienna the city where the company was founded. Vienna is also the hub of all internal and external developments. From here Kunsttrans controls its range of activities, establishes its subsidiaries, starts co-operations, forges alliances and continues to set standards internally as well as externally.

>> Kunsttrans Vienna

Kunsttrans Salzburg

January 2017 Kunsttrans re-opened their branch in Salzburg.

Kunsttrans Salzburg is mainly responsible for all business in the western part of Austria.

You can contact our branch manager Eva Maroné anytime if you have any requests or questions referring the transport of paintings, sculptures and exhibitions. Also we would be happy to offer our help for any relocation planning. For the Art-Collections we can offer a fitted estimate for the storage in one of our Art-Depots in Vienna.

Kunsttrans Spedition GmbH

Birgit Vikas

Bertl-Hayde-Gasse 4
1110 Wien
Phone: +43/676/88850880

Kunsttrans Bratislava

Responsible for the Slovak Republic

Founded in 2003, Kunsttrans Bratislava was initially active for Kunsttrans Vienna as an extended workbench. As the need for art storage space kept increasing constantly, it was decided to move the Vienna-based, company-owned joinery to Bratislava. Today, Kunsttrans Bratislava focuses on the production, adaptation and development of transport crates, and furthermore serves as a provider to the entire Kunsttrans Group.
With its own transport fleet, Kunsttrans Bratislava also acts as an art and exhibition logistics expert for the local and international market of the Slovak Republic.

KUNSTTRANS Bratislava, s.r.o.


mobile: +421 904 888 466

Galvaniho 10
SK-82104 Bratislava
Tel: +421/2/43635404
Fax: +421/2/43635405

Kunsttrans Prague

Responsible for the Czech Republic

Founded in 1991, shortly after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Kunsttrans Prague is probably one of the most successful expansions of the group. Although a complex undertaking at the beginning due to the political implications, the business developed into a showpiece enterprise in the Czech Republic.
Kunsttrans Prague is unique in its activities and almost unrivalled so far. A fleet of art trucks of its own and a company joinery as well as a corresponding art depot round off its services portfolio as a full-fledged art and exhibition logistics expert.

Kunsttrans Praha Ltd.

Managing & Financial Director
tel: +420 224 301 805

Estimates, exhibition & transport coordinator
tel: +420 224301 094

Dukelskych hrdinu 47
CZ-17000  Praha 7
Tel: +42/02/24301092-4

Kunsttrans Bucharest

Responsible for Romania

Founded in 2001, the company is headed to becoming the market leader within the Romanian market and the Bucharest region.
Equipped with trucks, corresponding equipment and a local management, Kunsttrans Bucharest provides a gateway for art from and to Romania.


mobile: +40 721 286 044

Mr. Radu I. STELEA
mobile: +40 723 234 447

Str. Londra nr.5
RO-011761 Bucuresti,
Tel: +40/21/2308612

Kunsttrans Kiev

Responsible for Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova

The most distant subsidiary, founded in 1994, is developing hand in hand with the young and upcoming art scene in Ukraine. Our customers include not only the most renowned museums of the country, but also a great number of private and contemporary collections. Kunsttrans Kiev's own fleet of three trucks enables the implementation of logistic solutions from and to Ukraine according to European standards. The local management is specialised in handling complex customs transactions and local specificities.

Kunsttrans-Kyiv Ltd.

Mrs. Svetlana MELNYK

mobile: +38 050 310 5225

38, Predslavinska Str.
UA-01150 Kiev
Tel: +380/445212333
Fax: +380/445212333

Kunsttrans Zagreb

Responsible for Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia

The successful concept of combining international know-how with local management has found its continuation at Kunsttrans Zagreb. Most recently, the subsidiary's fleet has been enlarged and modernised, so as to service the region south to the Austrian border extending to Serbia and integrate it into the network of Kunsttrans.

KUNSTTRANS Zagreb d.o.o.


mobile: +385915604517

Prevoj 55
HR-10000 Zagreb
Tel: +385/13702421
Fax: +385/13702421

Kunsttrans Belgrade

Responsible for Serbia, Montenegro

Centrally located and ideal as a hub for the region between Bulgaria and Croatia, Kunsttrans Belgrade was founded in 2000 and bridges Kunsttrans' gaps in the CEE region.
Owing to targeted investments in a unique art depot for the national museum in Belgrade, Kunsttrans Belgrade is already ahead of its time as regards future developments in this economic area and positioned as market leader.

Kunsttrans d.o.o. Beograd


mobile: +381/63 380 710

Balkanska 32/30
SRB- 11000 Belgrad
Tel/Fax: +381/ 113611947

Kunsttrans Budapest

Responsible for Hungary

Having initially had its own branch office, Kunsttrans decided to co-operate with a partner on site since 2002. Hungart Logistik Kft represents an ideal partner and a further building stone of the Kunsttrans network.
Hungart Logistik Kft handles the highly essential Hungarian market excellently, providing its own fleet, art depot and experienced team.

HUNGART Logistic Ltd.

Mrs. Katalin SZANTAI

Szajkó u. 5.
H-2030 Érd
Tel: +36/23/521936