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Coordinating an entire exhibition is a complex entity comprised of meetings, options and personal choices. Commission us with contacting all lenders, with the organization of approvals and permits, insurance and customs matters. We package, transport and can support you until the opening day.

Paintings, sculptures, installations or cultural assets of any kind - each object is individual as is our handling of it. Working closely with the owners, the art experts or restorers responsible, the packaging systems, the handling and the logistical structure including transport and storage are planned and monitored throughout the implementation process. We work with our trained staff from beginning to end.

Furthermore, we offer professional expertise in the planning and organization of exhibitions. The detailed project management and cost control ensures 100% control options of all transactions, as well as maximum efficiency and transparency up to the risk management.

Logistics & Transportation

We deliver any work of art, irrespective of its size, shape and quality, safely and unscathed to its destination. This is guaranteed by state of the art special vehicles, equipped with air suspension, air-conditioning and satellite monitoring and are driven by specially trained drivers.

Since every move has to be spot on, we personally accompany each artwork to the airport, supervise the process until the object is loaded and coordinate the unloading with our partners.

In close cooperation and accord with the owner, the courier and the borrower, we organize and monitor shipment and synchronize it perfectly with all schedules.

Each of our employees has undergone intensive interdisciplinary training in loading, packing, installation and customs clearance and can draw on many years of work-experience.

As we are in constant contact with our logistic center, we are able to respond to unforeseen situations at short notice immediately - at any time.

Upon request, our shipments are accompanied by a courier on board the truck and by security escorts.


An essential part of our logistics services is the perfect packaging, an individual and customized packaging solution for each individual piece of art. Art itself is unique, as well  are our solutions of packaging. We are continuously developing and improving solutions for packaging, constantly testing them and thereby we follow the latest technical possibilities.

In our own joinery we manufacture object-specific packaging systems. Our packers are specialists, and our special packaging solutions for special works of art are based on know-how and years of experience. Our packers have worked in our company for decades and are well familiar with their trade.

We pack according to the requirements of the artwork and the restorers. Our packaging systems range from packing blankets to simple transport packaging solutions with tissue paper or crates up to climate crates and art containers, and for very special objects Q + crates.

Especially when traveling, it is essential to guarantee greatest possible protection for each piece of art. We create an individual and customized packaging solution for each individual piece of art.

Only high-quality and scientifically tested materials are used. The usage of a special rental packing crate system not only reduces the use of natural resources, but simultaneously reduces your exhibition budget.

In addition to custom-made packaging solutions we offer - on a rental basis – the following standard packaging for transport:

Climate painting-crates, climate-slot crates, painting crates, slot crates, object crates, transport frames and cases, classic shipping-cardboard boxes and carry-on suitcases.

And here is a brief description of our packaging artwork.

Q + crate

The technically most sophisticated and unique solution for climate-sensitive, high-profile art. By using patented vacuum elements we are able not only to guarantee climatic parameters (climatic values) over several days, but also to ensure fire resistance for a given period.

Who can expose a crate to open fire without causing even the slightest damage to the inside? We can. The unique system is technically advanced and has been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. Complemented by patented shock absorber elements and adjusted to the weight of the object, an additional, mechanical safety measure is possible.

Climate crate

Likewise made of wood and equipped with a specially designed interior, this is the standard solution for climate-sensitive art objects. Due to the use of advanced materials, the maintenance of climatic conditions can be guaranteed for a given period of time.

The aim is to protect the object from sudden, unexpected climate changes. Changes, such as can occur during air cargo shipments, loading in adverse weather conditions or more aggravated climate developments. This crate ensures that both mechanical as well as climatically harmful influences from the outside are averted. Complemented by patented shock absorber elements, adapted to the weight of the object, an additional, mechanical safety is possible. Suitable for all shipments by truck and airplane.

Art container

A cheap, flexible and mobile solution for transportation of works of art.

It can be used for shipment of entire exhibitions as well as relocations or temporary storage of art collections.

Kunsttrans - customized packaging solutions

Our own technical department ensures un-dreamt of possibilities of packaging solutions. As unique as art itself is, so too are the solutions of our specialist department.

The options and our portfolio of services range from small objects to large installations of entire houses, from wood to steel, from overseas shipments to shipments by truck.

Transport crates

Our crates are made of wood, cardboard or a combination of both materials - a packaging solution that offers a simple, but extremely effective protection for transport of art objects. Specially designed for galleries, private clients and auction houses, this is both an economic and cost-effective option.

However, stabilization of climatic conditions is only possible to a certain extent, because the main purpose is the protection against physical impacts. Suitable for all transports with trucks and depending on the artwork - also for air freight.

Lightweight packaging

The first protection of the artwork. In most cases bubble wrap or Tyvek is used as internal protection. Combined with cardboard in standard and hard design, it provides optimal external protection.

Individual and adaptable on site, it is probably the simplest and most economical type of packaging for art and exhibition objects. Suitable for all transports by truck.

Packing blankets

The classic packaging of removal companies. A blanket made of durable hard-wearing material, which is still used for simplest objects. It is traditional, individual and never goes out of fashion.

For unpretentious works of art, mainly objects, furniture and installation parts on short and medium transport routes.


Arthandling means approaching or confronting a work of art, so as to effectively display it at exhibitions, presentations or even at home.

Our team of experts guarantees - in collaboration with curators and architects, that all special requests regarding design, construction or lighting be implemented simply, quickly and efficiently.

Our services include the conception, the planning of implementation, the management of projects up to the optimal protection of all objects after their installation.

For couriers

You are courier and traveling abroad and arrived as a courier in Austria or Vienna?
Below you will find some useful information:

App for Viennese public transport system (Wiener Linien)

Quando – Wiener Linien

Airport shuttle

City Airport Train CAT  - 16 minutes from city center to airport and back

Tickets available directly at the counter in the arrivals hall, in the baggage hall or on the platform.

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If you have a specific query please do not hesitate to contact us.


The range of works of art and their insurance is as diverse as art itself and the people who love art. Our extensive network within the art world and our experienced support team take all this into consideration - individually and proactive.

Our cooperation with specialized art insurance brokers provides you with insurance coverage for any kind of art - at special and advantageous terms and conditions.

The experience of both the world's leading specialised insurance company concerning art and collectors' items and the Vie:artport offer unique terms and conditions of risk coverage. Whether for private collectors, corporations, museums, commercial galleries or auction houses, B & P provides coverage of any kind.

We assure that every work of art is optimally insured upon request! Therefore, we exclusively work together with selected and professionally competent insurance companies that are familiar with our high safety standards with regard to packaging, transport and storage.

Our insurance partners honour our commitment with particularly attractive terms and conditions, which we will gladly pass on to you – including maximum obligingness and quick, unbureaucratic handling of all insurance issues.