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  • Transport & Logistics

    • What does Kunsttrans need to know in order to tell me if a shipment is possible and how much it will cost?

      In order to provide an estimate we require amount and size, and possibly weight of objects and accurate pick-up and delivery addresses. It is of equal importance that we know the time frame of the pick-up and delivery.

    • What is direct shipment?

      Direct shipment means that your works of art are transported by a truck exclusively reserved for your objects. In addition, couriers may accompany the works of art on board. Depending on the length and distance of the shipment there is also the possibility to park the truck at a secure site of one of our partners overnight. The transport is carried out according to your schedule.

    • What is additional cargo?

      Additional cargo means that your works of art are transported together with others in the same truck. Several loading and unloading are possible. The period of time from pick-up to delivery can be up to 15 working days. The advantage of additional cargo compared to direct shipment is a much lower price.

  • Packaging

    • Can Kunsttrans pack?

      Yes, of course. The packaging of works of art is one of our core competences and services. From lightweight packaging to optimized transport crates each option is possible. You can find detailed information here.

    • How is the packaging material calculated?

      The packaging material will be calculated and billed according to actual material usage. The crate prices depend on the size and respective design.

    • How is the service of art packers charged?

      Billing is based on the actual expenditure of time per art packer, plus the travelling time to and from the venue.

  • Export license

    • Does each object destined for another country require an export license?

      This depends on the object, the lender, its year of origin and its value. It is best to ask us if you have this information at hand. In special cases we can contact the Federal Monuments Office for you.

    • What is a temporary export licence?

      A temporary export licence is issued, when the artwork is transported back to the country from where it was originally exported - for example in the case of exhibitions.

    • What is a permanent export licence?

      A permanent export license must be obtained if the artwork is not transported back to the country from where it originally exported. This occurs in cases of sales or donations.

  • Customs

    • Must duty be paid for imports from abroad or transports abroad?

      There is a whole range of import and export regulations as regards customs. These apply even within the EU. Whether transit declarations (T-papers), EX-papers, carnets or import customs clearances - we take care of all matters regarding customs formalities and inform you in advance of all relevant provisions.

  • Airport

    • How long in advance must I place an order for air freight

      The most ideal and cost-efficient point of time is at least three weeks before shipment. The latest possible time is no more than two days prior to shipment, providing there is space on the plane.

    • Are there cheap and expensive ways to ship items by airfreight?

      Most certainly. There are various options that vary considerably regarding prices. Important factors to take into account are dates, weight and whether a particular flight route must be adhered to.

  • Insurance

    • Are shipments automatically insured ad valorem?

      No, they will not. If you require insurance, we can create a quote for you at any time. For details, see here.

  • Cites

    • What is Cites and when do I need it?

      Cites - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora - is an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. This means: objects which are made from parts of endangered species may only be exported from and/or imported to Austria after obtaining export or import licenses that must meet certain requirements.

  • Import turnover tax

    • What is the import turnover tax in Austria when importing art object into Austria?

      This depends on several factors. The best course of action would be to contact us so we can advise you in advance regarding this issue.